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Meet some of our residents

We are Westcott Wilcox…
  • Loves African violets

  • She is the unofficial memory keeper at Westcott-Wilcox

  • Worked for 20 years at WT Grants

  • Loves the bright sunlight coming through her windows

  • Enjoys the bi-weekly sing-alongs and dinner time with her Westcott “family”


"My family is happy I’m here now
and safe.”
  • Served in World War II

  • Has a wonderful “gift of gab”

  • Loves the Westcott camaraderie

  • Has wonderful memories of the Christmas parties at Westcott, especially when his entire family comes to celebrate with him


"The people are the best. Good friends ever since I moved in.”
  • Was a telephone operator for 30 years and a welder at the shipyard during the war

  • Is a huge dog lover who trained and showed Airdales for years, winning ribbons in obedience

  • Likes the closeness of nearby activities such as the
    local choir

  • Loves Zip’s Diner and celebrated her birthday there

  • Enjoys the quietness of Westcott when she comes home


"There’s a lot nearby, and you have your own private place.”
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