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Donate/Volunteer at Westcott-Wilcox

Dear Friends:


We’d like to take a minute to introduce you to one of northeast Connecticut’s best-kept secrets. It’s a special place in the middle of downtown Danielson; it is a place that the residents call home. It is the home they have been able to retire to and maintain their independence. Westcott-Wilcox offers residents an opportunity to enjoy the company of friends and freedom from the obligations of homeownership, all with a sense of safety and security.


Westcott-Wilcox Home of Danielson Connecticut is a not-for profit organization that provides choice for the senior who wants to live independently without living alone within our community.


The story begins when Westcott-Wilcox was first incorporated in 1904 by a group of leaders from the town who used the endowments of Miss Almira Westcott and Miss Betsey Wilcox to establish a home for the “respectful, indigent, aged and infirmed.”
In 1963 a new building at 50 Capron Street was constructed. The new facility offers home-like furnished rooms, a living and dining room and a laundry room. Home-cooked meals are served family style in the dining room, adding an atmosphere of closeness and friendship to the home. The goal of the volunteer Board of Directors and Corporators is to continue to broaden the vision of the early founders by maintaining the facilities uniqueness while being open to new ideas for improvement and growth.


At Westcott-Wilcox, we pride ourselves on creating value for each senior at a surprisingly affordable price. We accomplish this by providing a friendly environment, comfortable accommodations, quality services and a variety of social programs for people of the 62 and older population.


To date we have been able to maintain this local resource and provide for the needs of our residents, however the age of our facility requires some significant capital improvements and we are hoping we can count on you.


Please take a minute to review all of the information on this website and watch the short video about the importance and strength of our small community. We hope that after you read our story you will join us in believing that Westcott-Wilcox is a local resource worth your investment.


With your tax-deductible contribution we will be able to complete the building renovations necessary to secure the future of this unique resource for the next generation to call home.


Please consider a contribution in any amount as we work together to preserve a little quiet corner history.


Thank you for your consideration and thoughtfulness.







Donna Copeland


President Christian Sarantopoulos  •  Vice President Nancy Cole

Secretary Elizabeth Sheldon  •  Treasurer Mary Jane Burke

Director Chris Berris  •  Director Donna Coderre  •  Director Matthew Desaulnier

Director W. Murray Buttner, MD  •  Director John E. Burke

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