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Our rooms are warm and comfortable. Each room is furnished with a bed, dresser, side table, desk and comfortable chair. Each private room has a half bath and large windows. We provide free cable hookup for your enjoyment. Laundry and housekeeping services are included so you can relax and enjoy visiting with your friends and family.

Our Staff

The staff at Westcott Wilcox believes that providing the best quality care to each and every resident is what we do best.  Ongoing training and education is a continuous commitment.  Food preparation, recreation, and personal care are all equally important in each day’s activities. The caring and kind staff promote a warm, welcome and all-inclusive atmosphere.


When Westcott Wilcox is your home, you can participate in games with staff or help out “around the house.”  You can also take the bus to the senior center or arrange for local transportation to area stores.


We are close to a pharmacy, library, banks, churches, beauty salons, town park and the interstate.

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