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Our Vision & Mission Statement

Living independently, without living alone.

Westcott-Wilcox provides  a warm friendly atmosphere where residents can maintain their independence in a secure environment.  We are a safe haven for independent, self-sufficient members of the 62+ population who wish to live in a community environment.


The History of the Westcott Wilcox Home

The Westcott-Wilcox Home in Danielson, Connecticut was first incorporated in 1904 by a group of leading men from the town who used the endowments of Miss Almira Westcott and Miss Betsey Wilcox to establish a home for the “respectful, indigent, aged and infirmed.” It began in a house owned by Miss Westcott.


In 1963 a new bulding at 50 Capron Street was constructed. The new facility offered furnished rooms, a living and dining room and a laundry room. Through the years home-cooked meals have been served family-style in the dining room, adding an atmosphere of closeness and friendship to the home.


The goal of the members of the Board of Directors and Corporators is to continue to broaden the vision of its early founders by maintaining its uniqueness while being open to new ideas to enhance its growth.

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